Body Odor Remedies

What Is Body Odor?

Body odor occasionally is normal, but sometimes, it may be excessive or your body releases unpleasant odor causing discomfort and embarrassment. The unpleasant odor comes from overactive sweat glands.

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However, the odor itself does not come from the sweat, it arises when the sweat mixes with bacteria found on the surface of skin.

These bacteria tend to grow fast under the right environment- warm, moist conditions. There are different causes of having offensive body odor and they include:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Poor hygiene
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, liver disease and other genetic metabolic disorders
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as chronic constipation may also cause excess production of unpleasant odor. 1

How does Body Odor Come About?

Sweat itself is almost odorless, but what happens is that when there is bacteria multiplying combined with the sweat, it results in breakdown of the sweat in to what is called acid.

Two acids present in sweat are isovaleric acid and propionic acid, and these are said to bring about the offensive odor.

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Usually, when a person has offensive body odor, they will show symptoms such as:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Unusual, pungent smell coming from the body
  • Weight loss
  • Cold hands
  • Night sweats

Body odor is a complete turn off to anyone. The odor that comes from the body is actually waste materials that are excreted by the sweat glands. Normally, taking a daily bath will help you prevent experiencing body odor.

Body Odor Remedies

However, not all people who actually take a bath everyday are prevented from having body odor. Hence, some of these people turn to body odor remedies such as the following:

6 home remedies for Body Odor

1. Wheat Grass

When it comes to body odor or malodor, some experts advise the consumption of wheat grass, which is taken in the early morning prior to eating anything.

2. Watching what you eat matters a lot

This is an important factor in body odor remedies: that you watch what you eat. Studies have shown that different kinds of beverages and foods can lead to different kinds of body odor.

For instance, foods that will make you have body odor are eating an excessive amount of dairy products and saturated fats. Hence, it is advisable to replaces them with either coconut oil or olive oil.

3. Shave your underarms

When you have too much hair under the arms, it creates an environment for rapid growth of bacteria. The hair makes the underarms to be swampy and considering that hair is porous, it’s going to absorb odor.

It also reduces evaporation of sweat. When you shave the hair, it means that the area under your armpits is kept dry and bacteria will not grow and multiply fast. 2

4. Practicing anger management

This is another thing that experts want to stress, that people should practice anger management. According to studies, anger as well as excitement and anxiety can lead to an increase in the production of sweat.

Anger management is essential to prevent sweat production and body odor production as well.

Anger management includes techniques or methods like visualization, distraction, and meditation which makes you cool under stress.

5. Eating dark green leafy vegetables

Another good body odor remedy is eating dark green leafy vegetable which are known to have chlorophyll which is a natural deodorizer and keeps or prevents you from having body odor.

6. Natural deodorants that are good for you

Another body odor remedy is using natural deodorants which you can buy in the market. They are otherwise known as antiperspirants which aid in the reduction of moisture and sweat leaving you feeling dry and preventing body odor episodes.

Aside from that, these natural deodorants are known to kill bacteria that lead to body odor. Experts suggest a daily application of natural deodorants to your armpits.

7. Changing clothes daily

Another body odor remedy is to change your clothes daily. Studies have shown that sweat can actually seep into your clothing and produce what is known as body odor which can result in damaging the clothing’s fibers.

Hence, it is advisable to wash and change your clothes daily and hang them or dry clean them to prevent such things from occurring.

8. Use baby powder

Another way to combat body odor is to use baby powder. What you do is sprinkle either the talcum or baby powder on your back and chest area. It is a good alternative to the use of deodorant.

9. Increase water consumption

Another good body odor remedy is to increase your water consumption. Water is a known solvent that is needed in dissolving the toxins, metabolic products and drugs which are excreted via the excretory system.

10. Practice proper body hygiene

Practicing proper body hygiene is a vital body odor remedy. You can practice proper body hygiene by taking a bath every day.

Regular bathing will remove the microbes and dead skin that the body has and that can cause body odor.

11.Keeping dry

This is a very important body odor remedy, to dry everything well after bathing, to prevent the inhabitation and growth of microbes which can lead to body odor episodes.

Microbes are known to live in areas that are wet. Hence, there is a need to keep dry at all times.

12. Turnip

Turnip is another of the body odor remedies, because it consists of an antibacterial property which you can apply in the areas that are known to sweat in a heavy manner.

13. Avoid coffee and alcohol as much as possible

If you are known to be a person that sweats a lot, then one thing that you must avoid is the intake of coffee and alcohol.

Taking in coffee and alcohol will make your body odor worse than it normally is and it will lead to an increase in your perspiration level.

14. Washing your clothes right after you wear them

This is an ideal practice since there is a high chance that the bacteria that comes from body odor will stick to the person’s clothes.

You should wash the clothes right after you wear them so as to kill the bacteria and prevent having further body odor episodes.

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15. Mind what you wear

Clothes play a big part in controlling and preventing body odor. Experts suggest that you wear clothing that will aid in the management of perspiration. The ideal clothes are those that are lightweight, breathable and loose fitting.

In weather that is cold, it is advisable to wear layered clothing which you can easily take off and put on again without difficulty.

These are some of the body odor remedies that are effective and provide a good way to manage and prevent body odor situations. Managing body odor may be a tall order, especially if it does not go away.

Sometimes, the offensive odor could cause stress and depression. If you are having depression because of psychological effects of excessive body odor, you may want to consider remedies for depression.

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