Natural Remedies for Mosquitoes

What are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are an extremely perennial problem in nature and more so in summer season. That is an extremely disappointing coincidence – when all or most of the other things are near to perfection for a more outdoor life during these months.

The irate buzz and dangerous bite of mosquitoes could play spoilsport for an outdoor activity and damage a social gathering or outing outside in the park or even a ground. These days they had become even more nuisance by leading the humans to suffer from the diseases–several of which were more debilitating and highly deadly–manifested by mosquitoes.

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  • Malaria
  • Zika Infection.
  • Dengue flu and fever


  • Extremely ineffective household hygiene.
  • Food which is stored openly left boxes and dishes invites these irritants.
  • Manifestation is very much a possibility even in extremely hygienic houses through drainage pipe lines and minor crevices.
  • Mosquitoes could sustain and survive even with negligible needs for their survival.
  • They get multiplied exponentially and without any control.
  • They do build their nests near the far-off and the most deserted nukes and corners. They possess the flexibility in their body to flatten to ease themselves into any minute space.
  • Mosquitoes like head-lice are very high in their resistance to pesticides.

The following are a few remedial procedures and effective steps that could serve as effective anti-Mosquitoes elements and could be domestically tried. Comply with the following effective home remedial measures to get the better of Mosquitoes real quick and resolve your issue on hand. These are the ways and methods of keeping the Mosquitoes away you’re your home forever.

Bay Leaves

Commonly found in any of the grocery stores and the most common preventer found in most of the kitchens. Bay leaves are significantly effective and are a perfect resolution for those kinds of permanent Mosquitoes which are found at our houses.

Just keep a bundle in close proximity to those corners, crevices and sink holes. You may also put a bundle of these leaves in shelves in order to safeguard books and garments from these irritants. (*5*)

Pungent Odour

Mosquitoes very commonly hide themselves in drainage pipelines and stay in closer proximity to the sink holes. Ammonia is an effective natural remedy to get the better of these situations which are most prevalent in all our homes.

Mix a glass filled quantity of ammonia with a bucket full of water and spray it over the sink holes and wash room toilets to wipe out the pipelines. The extremely strong pungent odour will shoe away the Mosquitoes which are otherwise resting and manifesting inside the pipelines and sewers. (*3*)

Moth Balls

These are very effective and useful for shoeing away all classifications of pesticides inclusive of Mosquitoes. Put a few of them inside the racks and shelves and also at the areas which are extremely prone to manifestation by the Mosquitoes.

It has to be noted that these balls are very dangerous for human beings too and hence should be kept away, particularly from kids with extreme care. (*1*)


Sprinkle a little of oil extracted from mint either directly on the Mosquitoes or in the sink holes and also in close proximity to the various nukes and corners of kitchen rooms, rest rooms and also bathrooms where these irritants are most likely to stay put.

This home or natural remedy might not be as effective as the rest of the remedies but is tipped to be the most natural remedial measure and also extremely non-toxic in nature. (*7*)


Listerine known for its anti-septic features not only could be used as a mouth washer but also could also be utilized eliminate the infection in the realms of our homes. Dilute some amount of Listerine concentration with water and sprinkle this combination on the surroundings of the nests or near the pests or in and around the areas of your kitchen and washrooms to completely eliminate Mosquitoes. (*9*)


Cedar could be bought in the shape of blocks, chips and balls to shoo away all classifications of insects and Mosquitoes are no exception. Regarded as the best cockroach killer, cedar is very frequently utilized to line up the corners of the cup-boards and different shelves to put these problematic insects at bay. (*2*)


If you are extremely creative in thought process, line-up the rim part of a medium sized jar with petrol jelly and keep it during the night with some content of food inside it as bait. The Mosquitoes would climb up falling prey to the elements of the food and would be trapped on account of the high effect of the petrol. (*4*)


Bleach is considered to be one among the most widely known anti-infectants that is particularly used domestically. Add it to water and sprinkle the mix down the kitchen room sinks and washrooms to make your home devoid of Mosquitoes which otherwise tend to make a permanent manifestation inside the drainage pipes, various sink holes and sewer places.

The solution of the bleach solution would effectively and completely drown down the very irritant Mosquitoes along with their nests. (*6*)


The fruit of Lemon is widely considered or know to comprise of very significant and rich anti pathogenic features. Mix lemon water to normal water you would utilize while mopping up the flooring of the house.

This could also be used to cleanse the tops of the kitchen rooms and washroom cabinets to eliminate these Mosquitoes away as they are scientifically and chemically known to be allergic to the odour which is citric in nature. (*8*)


Spray the element of borax in closer proximity to various corners, different crevices, kitchen sinks and different pipe lines inside the kitchen rooms and washrooms and let it stay that way during the course of the night.

Since these creatures are nocturnal in nature and they do scurry during the course of the night would fall prey to borax which would completely dry out cockroach’s skeletons and would serve as steady & slow poison. (*3*)

Soap Solution

Prepare an effective concentration made up of a strong soap with water and sprinkle the same directly on the insects. Several of Mosquitoes would get destroyed immediately as the soap or the detergent used would close or block the pores of the Mosquitoes making the life arduous for these irritants to inhale air. (*5*)

Pepper and Garlic solution with a slice of Onion

This highly potential concentration could be concocted through addition of one teaspoon of pepper element, a garlic clove and an onion piece mashed up effectively and concentrated in a litre measure of water.

Mix a soap which is liquid in nature if you need and spray the solution on the areas of kitchen room and areas of washroom where Mosquitoes roam during the course of the night. You might also utilize this solution to completely mop the floorings or tops of the cupboards and various cabinets.

Mosquitoes are known to be allergic to the odour of this solution and would run away from our homes forever. (*7*)


Keep a limited number of slices or peels of cucumber during the night in and around the different counters and varied cabinets of the kitchen room in close proximity to the corner sinks and closed-knit crevices where –in Mosquitoes are told to be particularly prevalent and present.

Cucumbers are highly effective cockroach destroyers and non toxic in nature. These are also the most organic veggies which are utilized in order to get the better of these irritants. You might also utilize cucumber in addition to bay leaves to shoo away these high-risk Mosquitoes. (*9*)

Boric Acid with Cornstarch mixed with Sugar

Utilize a concentration of some sugar or some cornstarch along with some boric acid to destroy very harmful and highly persistent Mosquitoes.

The levels of sugar and the element of cornstarch effectively serve as bait which attracts the Mosquitoes even as the element of boric acid serves up as a dangerous poison for these irritants wholesomely drying up their skeletons.

This is tipped to be a highly effective procedure for getting the better of problem creating pests or insects or a very high manifestation. The one and only flipside is a very high count of completely dead Mosquitoes to get cleaned up the very next day. (*2*)

Coffee Powder

Fill up the bottom portion of a jug or jar completely with some coffee powder in order to attract the Mosquitoes which developed a likening to the odour of caffeine powder. Fill up the jug or jar also with some water such that the Mosquitoes get drowned in the same, when they do make an effort try to jump inside the jug or the jar.

The water present inside clamp or cut the pores of the Mosquitoes, thereby making it virtually impractical for them to inhale the air.  Trapping with the help of Coffee is an effective home remedy to get rid of Mosquitoes completely. (*3*)

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