Natural Remedies of Chlamydia

What is Natural Remedies of Chlamydia?

Natural Remedies of Chlamydia This is the utmost and frequently heard Sexually Transmission disease (STD) which could be treated with enough care. Chlamydia affects all human beings irrespective of their sexual orientation i.e. both gentlemen as well as gentle-women across the world.

But the major hurdle during the curing process is to ensure that it is not spread. Several people does not feel any symptoms. In spite of that, individuals must be very keen and attentive should they feel the slightest vulnerability to this condition or ailment.

As a matter of fact, Chlamydia could result in very severe as well as comprehensive destruction to human’s reproduction system. It might even lead to severely hard or almost impractical to become pregnant. Unfortunately, it could further lead to and culminate in a life-endangered ailment called ectopic pregnancy.


All human beings could bear the brunt of this deadly disease. Some of the symptoms of Chlamydia are:

  • Experiencing extreme and severe levels of pain during the process of urination.
  • Extreme pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Bleeding during the course of sexual intercourse.
  • Influenza
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation inside the eye.
  • Strep throat.


  • Lack of effective hygiene
  • Unsafe sexual intercourse,
  • Several sexual partners
  • Extremely poor immunity system

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Our natural tendency to treat any condition is to resort to fall back most often on prescribed or over the counter supplements or pills. But, it is very vital to take cognizance of the fact that some of the so called supplements or drugs might lead to unnecessary side or negative effects which are completely avoidable. Hence, let us discuss in this session about the natural remedies or home remedies or herbal remedies to treat Chlamydia

Natural remedies for treating Chlamydia include:


Oatmeal is a very potential and natural resolution to all the disadvantages associated with the ailment of Chlamydia. This consists of anti-irritant, anti-inflammation and smoothening features that would assist in significantly reducing the levels of irritation, the severity of the pain and the discomfort of the feeling of itching. (*6*)

Banana Peels

Consuming a couple of bananas assists in emboldening the system of immunity to wage a war against the viral bacterium that leads to Chlamydia. You could also utilize the peel of the banana to effectively treat the condition of Chlamydia.

Banana peels have very strong antioxidant features and also various classifications of enzymes which could result in dissolution of warts without any negative or side effects. (*3*)


This is a natural remedy which is traditional in nature that is effectively put to use to heal Chlamydia condition.

The element of an enzyme i.e. ficain which is present in abundance in this plant has a solid base to effectively combat the development of the viral bacterium that is the main and sole reason for development of Chlamydia.

In addition, this milky sap is very soothing to human skin and also quickly assists in alleviating irate levels of itching. (*8*)


The veggie of onion is an important and extremely effective anti-microbes agent which assists in decreasing the growth and wide spread of virus which ultimately causes the condition of Chlamydia.

Additionally, it facilitates an effective flow of blood and also hastens up the curing process. Onion mixed with a bit of salt could derive the best results for the individual ailing from this disease.

This effective and most effective natural remedy might trigger a feeling of burning sensation instantly but will subside eventually. (*3*)

Cider Vinegar

This is an extremely famous and significantly effective natural remedy for the ailment of Chlamydia. The content of acetic acid which is in abundance in this effective remedy is highly corrosive.

This works to get the bacterium killed which is otherwise the main reason for the ailment of Chlamydia. You may use this effective home remedy till the time Chlamydia are completely cured or eliminated. This could also be effectively used for bee stings. (*8*)


This ingredient is popular for its rich and abundant anti-virus features and therefore it could destroy the virus which ultimately leads to the cause of Chlamydia with constant ease. Ideally one may in-take a couple of capsules which has garlic as an ingredient till the time the Chlamydia is completely done away with. (*7*)

Aloe Vera

Sprinkle some amount of fresh Aloe Vera on the affected areas in question on the human body. On account of its very high and efficient healing features, this is frequently put to use in the healing of the ailment of Chlamydia.

Additionally, this herbal remedy is rich and abundant with anti-virus and anti-inflammation features. It could also smoothen the cells of the skin effectively thereby facilitating some relief from itching.

The individual may also resort to and add a glass full of juice made with this rich herbal to enhance the system of immunity which will eventually assist the human body in getting rid of the virus which is the root cause for Chlamydia. This is a quick remedial measure for spider bite also. (*4*)

Essential Oil: The oil extracted from Castor have rich and abundant fatty acids such as ricinoleic acid that helps in rejuvenating the skin cells and also prevent or eliminate the virus which causes Chlamydia. (*1*)

Tea Oil

The oil extracted from tree of the tea is one more significant and highly effective herbal treatment for the ailment of Chlamydia.

This is extremely beneficial on account of its anti-virus and anti-septic properties and features. It has to be noted that this herbal remedy is highly strong in nature and never be directly applied in its purest form as it has a history of leading to irritant skin. (*1*)

Baking Powder

On account of its anti-septic and very effective anti-inflammation features, this could assist in combating the viral bacterium that lead to Chlamydia ailment.

As a matter of fact, this tends to create an environment which is extremely hostile for the viral bacterium to survive and eventually assists in preventing it from sticking around.

Spray the concentration of baking powder and water in abundance and then sprinkle a few drops of rich vinegar just over the already sprayed baking soda to let it take effect and fizz. Leave these elements on the skin of the individual until the situation is completely eliminated. (*3*)

Miscellaneous: Please find below some of the other natural remedies to get the better of Chlamydia.

  • Never scratch over the area affected with Chlamydia.
  • Wash your inner garments in at least lukewarm water and constantly change them.
  • Always try to keep your genitals extremely dry. After having a quick shower, fully dry the portion of Chlamydia with the help of a clean towel or utilize blow dryer instead.
  • Consume or in-take a very healthy food or diet to hasten the process of healing.
  • Inculcate to comply with a good hygiene etiquette to get rid of warts as soon as possible..
  • Never share your personal towels or your very personalized undergarments.
  • Never wear extremely unfit or synthetic in nature undergarments.

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